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  Bali International Medical Hospital      

Bali’s First International
Medical Centre and Hospital

Individual travelers, participants in incentive events, conference delegates and exhibition
participants in Bali are only minutes away from world class medical service provided by the BIMC HOSPITAL.

Founded in 1998 by Craig Beveridge and Dr.
The latest systems to handle waste and chemical treatment and a Bio Systems ™
Neal Fong, the BIMC moved in May 2005 to its new state-of-the-art facility centrally located near the Simpang Siur Roundabout, in Kuta. Designed to meet the sophisticated needs of local residents and visitors to Bali, the multi-storied BIMC provides 1,500 square metres of emergency treatment areas, outpatient services, advanced treatment facilities and deluxe hotel standard rooms for up to 22 in-house patients.

Bali International Medical Centre

On call 24 hours a day 365 days a year, the BIMC offers an entire range of medical services, including:

4 private Doctor’s consultation rooms, one specially configured for pediatric patients.
An emergency and trauma unit with 3 emergency treatment areas equipped with the latest cardiopulmonary resuscitation equipment, defibrillators and emergency pacemakers.
2 procedure and treatment units capable of providing the highest standard of hygienic wound care for injuries ranging from minor wounds to more complex orthopedic procedures.
Bali’s only operating theatre built to international standards and featuring sealed-light units, hepafilters to ensure a continuous supply of sterile atmosphere, computerized temperature control, positive pressure environments regulated by a computerized damper and exhaust system.
Built to the highest standards of hotel comfort and medical service, each Care room has private en suite facilities and round-the-clock monitoring by highly skilled doctors and nursing staff. Care room facilities include cable TVs with personalized speakers, mini-fridges, safes, sound proofing and vital-signs health monitoring systems.
An advanced technology communication system that operates independently of the local telecommunication system ensuring instant contact at any time with the BIMC’s large contingent of medical professionals
A separate ward room especially for isolation patients is also available.

  water treatment system using deep bed filters and aqua pure colloidal silver to ensure a continuous supply of safe, potable water.
The latest systems to handle waste and chemical treatment and a Bio Systems ™ water treatment system using deep bed filters and aqua pure colloidal silver to ensure a continuous supply of safe, potable water.
A pathology department, with all equipment regularly calibrated and supervised by medical technologists from Australia, capable of doing routine blood examinations, blood chemistry, electrolytes, cardiac enzymes, blood gas analysis, microscopic urinalysis, stool analysis and more.
A radiology department using the latest standards in film radiology.
A fully-stocked pharmacy providing both over-the-counter and prescription drugs.
Transfer and evacuation ambulance units featuring Bali’s most well-equipped emergency medical response teams using cutting-edge life support and resuscitation intervention techniques.
A health insurance liaison centre specializing in complete document handling and communication with insurance providers and alarm centres worldwide.

Designed and equipped to be able to respond to any medical emergency with the latest equipment and treatment protocols, the BIMC emphasizes universal medical precaution procedures such as one-use sterilized procedure sets, sterile disposable gloves when required for medical procedures and meticulous antiseptic cleaning procedures from a dedicated and professionally-trained housekeeping department.

Dedicated to remaining on the cutting-edge of new medical procedures and technology the BIMC conducts regular medical training and upgrading courses, including an ongoing program of training conducted by visiting emergency physicians from the USA.

While BIMC’s services are conveniently located to most hotels and tourist areas in Bali, VVIP visitors to Bali regularly call on BIMC to provide on-site medical response teams to stand by at major events, conference, exhibitions and visits by high-level delegation.

Bali International Medical Centre

  BIMC Hospital
Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 100x
Kuta, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Tel: (62 361) 761 263 Fax: (62 361) 764 345

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